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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Take you (higher)
Hit you (higher)
Make you (higher)
Hit you (higher)
Take you (higher)

I don't know what to make of this
Funny brothers on my nerves type ridiculous
I guess I really gotta do it
Put my game down
?????? fucking blew it
Put my name down
And it seems you fucked up like a drug deal gone wrong
Figured out a lot, you won't be that way long
Plus, you niggas is bush leaguers
And I bet y'all ain't get no bush either
My hood dogs sing songs of rejection and pain
If we get sunshine, it's followed up by rain
Like to lay your jig down and get a blessing of brains
My man ???? so he stressing your chain
We see the 'morrow through the shades of it might not come
Got to get it all now 'cause we might be done
Matrix, nigga (nigga...), you looking at the one
Fortified with a bonafide blastin' of a gun
We in the space for positionin'
Money and illiciting
Living out our lives while certain cats just lookin' in
We bewildered off the sacks and the green
Whether the bay, L.A., or Chicago or Queens
You better raise your game
They comin' at you high
You better raise your game
Don't ask no questions why, nigga
Then speak figuratively, I mean this shit
And speak literally, you in some shit

(Higher) take you
(Higher) hit you
(Higher) make you
(Higher) hit you

I dominate flows
I dominate shows
And, in the nightime our dominance grows
And, you could see from the posture I'm holding
Yo, I'm ???? up while the rest is folding
A hip hop cat who's flown world wide and
Experience, adventures like poseidon
Bunk heads with r and b chicks
Give 'em one hit joints and they lookin' for the
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