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Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Some girls try to compete with me
Lifestyle, thats what I used to be
Had to have everything I wanted
And have it my way
Step back and take a good look at me
Im more that what you claim me to be
Gimme some time and I can tell you what I know

Did you learn a thing?
Gotta be a leader, cant be a crowd pleaser
Would you do it again?
Not the same way, got too much to say
Can you make it raw?
I did it before, I can do it once more
Take it to the floor
Aint a thing to me cause baby dont you know Im
Im hot

Aint nobody gonna get what I got
Taking hold of the game why not?
Tell me can you handle it?
Im a hot girl, you need a hot girl
So hot
Raising the pressure when I blow up this spot
Keep it tight wanna see what you got
Tell me can you work with it?

Im a hot girl, you need a hot girl
All my hot girls who need a hot boy say uh-oh uh-oh
All my hot boys who need a hot girl say uh-oh uh-oh

Sometimes, I just cant help myself
So fly, gotta express myself
I can be more than just a girl
Im better than you know
Im the lock to fit with your key
And Ill be greater than fantasy
Aint no stoppin when Ive started no
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