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Track:The Big Payback
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[P] Aiyyo whassup E Double?
[E] Yo whassup man?
[P] Yo these crab MC's got us trapped up behind these walls man
But I'm ready to break out of here and do this, yaknahmsayin?
So what's the magic word?
[Erick Sermon]
Open Sesame, and let down the main gate
Before you screamed EPMD, you shouldn't wait
I roll with a posse, hey you tried to stop me
Also yo, your brothers tried to pop me
on the sneak tip, without me knowin
so I keep goin, and my rhymes keep flowin
On and on, and I don't quit
I get pushed to the limit, and yo that's it
Step by step, I put an end to your fun
cause I'm the chosen one, yes me my son
A young kid from the ghetto, a kiddie from the city
I don't feel sorrow, and I have no pity
to run up on you, and wax plus tax
Your gold, your money, and from your eyes your contacts
Then flex over, a hop skip and a jump
to the next town, to go punk a chump
MC's try to diss me, and try to bust caps
I'm not havin it, and that means no haps Jack
So get the bozack, only off the crack, that's wack
This is the big payback
[Parrish Smith]
As I go and flow, to a different type of tempo
(Why MD?) C'mon E, the P keeps it simple
Plus I'm strikin like lightnin, throwin blows like Tyson
Slayin MC's on the Q-T, sorta like a sniper
So if a sucker don't like me, the feeling is mutual
I took my rhyme to a lower RPM, then shift to neutral
then crack a 40 (what kind) of Olde E
To slay an MC (how) on the Q-T
(So what's your name boy?) C'mon, you know it's M.D.
So while I'm wreckin he's checkin, all the bodies that's left and
a pile behind the stage, the P is like steppin
off from the scenes, I see lights and si-rens
Witness every
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